onsdag 12 november 2014

Day 40

I have twin boys and when i was expecting my third child i was so longing for a girl to dress in pink. After i found out that it was a boy i was eating breakfast at a hotel. Just as i sat down a family walked in with 3 little girls in different ages but all dressed a like - in pink. They were adorable and i thought : ok just shoot me!  What a bad joke.
A couple of years later i was at amusement park and mother with 3 little girls sat next to me. I begun to talk to her and it turned out that she had twin girls and  that they tried to have a little boy but ended up with one more girl. There i was with 3 boys and thinking what are the odds??
2 years later this little princess arrived. My wish came true and I am so happy she loves pink!!

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