tisdag 11 november 2014

Day 39 - The secret

My mother gave me this book "The Secret" to read. I was in a negative place in my life. I couldn't see how anything could change. I want to travel and see the world, but with 5 kids it seemed impossible. Just read a chapter a day, she said. Ok, i have nothing to read at the moment so why not.

I was hooked at the first chapter and i saw a possibility for change in life. I bought The power, Magic and Hero. I wrote down 10 things every day that i was thankful for in life. I said thank you 100 times every time i walked to the car. I wanted to win the jackpot on the Lottery. I did win 5 times in a row but  only small amounts. Still i was greatful. I got parking spaces. A handbag i wanted to buy was on half price. A trouble neighbour i didn't like suddenly moved out. Little things happened.

I wanted to know more about Law of attraction and suddenly i stood in front of a book by Ester Hicks in the bookstore. I red three books and then i found amazing videos on youtube. It feels like i am guided in the right way. I know everything will work out... just Ask, Believe and Receive.

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