torsdag 16 juni 2016

Choose to be happy

It is raining outside today. I look at the pics i took yesterday. It was a warm summer day.
I went to pick up my son. He was wearing a t-shirt that was to big and pants that was a little short. It didn´t seem to bother him so why should it bother me. It is the thoughts that creates suffering. You can choose how you want to feel. It is all in the mind. I choose to be happy. I don't have to wait for things that i dream about in order to become happy. The moment is now and i choose to feel happy. I can count endless things that i already have that i am grateful for. If i choose to believe in lack the feeling disappear. Right before the thought comes through you have the option to hold it or let it go. Choose a different thought that makes you feel good. Because that is what we all want, to feel happy.

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